Every day we are learning and developing farming knowledge, and so too is technology. With the industry becoming more and more technology heavy and data driven, it’s important to understand what opportunities this creates for farming businesses. And more importantly, how can we utilize it to help us improve our bottom line?

AGree Decision Ag is an independent consulting service that can assist you in discovering how precision agriculture can help you make more informed decisions that ultimately improve your business. Agree Decision Ag is passionate about delivering solutions for clients that are clear, user-friendly and easily incorporated into your operation.

AGree can use the data you’re already collecting, as well as provide additional agronomic insights that will assist you to make more informed decisions to positively impact your bottom line.

AGree can create custom packages to suit your goals- whether you want to improve yield, increase sustainability or improve the efficiency of your inputs. Agree Decisions is here to help you pull profits from your data.

Precision Agriculture has long been perceived to be "too hard, too complicated or too expensive". This doesn't need to be the case, and our goal at AGree is to break this perception by delivering simple and practical precision agronomy solutions.

With advancements in modern machinery and GPS guidance, a lot of precision equipment now comes standard. Precision tools can go underutilized, and in many cases never used. Yield mapping has been commercially available in modern harvesters since the mid 90's, and many growers have multiple years of yield data stashed away in the top drawer of the office. Elevation maps are also recorded with every pass of your equipment when set to "on guidance", but this is rarely used.

The data is already collected by your GPS and equipment software, ready to be used. The information can be analysed, calibrated and layered to produce maps that can be used for Variable Rate Technology (VRT). These are then sent back in a file format ready to use. Once loaded in your red, green, blue or yellow machine, it is as simple as hitting go on your guidance system and letting your equipment take care of the rest. Alternatively, these layered maps can also provide priceless paddock analytics that can assist you in making more informed agronomic management decisions.

AGree can assist in determining the capabilities of your current equipment and the compatibility of systems to ensure maximum utilisation. The AGree team can consult on the suitable farm software programs best suited to your operation, to ensure all data is in one accessible platform.


  • Agronomic consultation and farm planning
  • Data collection, processing and analyzing
  • Topsoil mapping, soil testing and creating management zones
  • Leaf tissue testing
  • Prescription map creation - seed, nutrition, trace elements and pesticide application
  • NDVI imagery for in-crop decision support
  • Moisture monitoring through soil moisture probes
  • Localised weather data and climate information through on-farm weather stations
  • Water flow modelling
  • Profit, elevation and pH maps

At AGree we can assist in determining the capabilities of your current equipment and the compatability of systems, to ensure maximum utilisation. We can consult on the suitable farm software programs best suited to your operation, to ensure all data is in one accessible platform.


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Check your losses this harvest! https://t.co/nPNuFIWuuU
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joel fowler @jfowler_emmetts
Our checking losses behind our demo MY20 S780 & 740FD. 1.33% loss in canola on the first drop, still some fine tuning to do. @EmmettsGroup @PrimarySales @BushelPlus @n24bruce @scottyrich76 @BradockBernie https://t.co/Bobi7ADWYm
3 weeks ago
Harvest Operations Center training is underway today in #Pinnaroo. Michael from @FieldSystemsAu is here discussing the science behind the @cropscan and it’s potential management benefits @EmmettsGroup https://t.co/RdrpeqsZZm AgreeDecisions photo
3 weeks ago
A great article about the value of the @CropScan- giving you insights into the soil and crop relationship dynamic https://t.co/sAoXsR0kTy
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Email info @agreedecisionag.com.au or PM for more information on the @cropscan protein monitor 🌾 @EmmettsGroup https://t.co/VGcDpDzxfz
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