AGree aim's to reduce the complexity of precision agriculture. With the continual developments in machinery, equipment and software applications, our promise is to stay at the forefront of this technology across all brands and platforms.
"We understand soil and plant systems, we understand machinery, we understand data.We will work with you to translate all of your data into actionable on farm decisions."

Our Consultants Can Help You With

Base soil mapping
Soil testing
Leaf testing
Nutrient management plans
VRT maps
Predicta-B DNA testing
Soil management plans
Moisture monitoring
Crop imagery (NDVI, RGB, Thermal)
Elevation mapping
Water flow modelling
Yield map recording, and analysis
Map data cleaning
Management zone analysis and creation
Prescription mapping
GPS guidance and boundary management
Farm planning
Digital farm maps
Brand conversion of setup data
GPS system integration
On farm trials
Machinery Implementation
AGree consultants are happy to work with customers through the Precision Ag pathway, setting future plans, trials and budgets to enable you to achieve your goals.
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