Agree Consultants

Laura Bruce - Manager

Laura has been a precision agronomist with AGree since 2019. Laura's background as an advisor in dryland and irrigation agronomy has given her the knowledge to platform her precision agronomy recommendations from; combining this with her machinery and technology experience creates effective solutions for her clients. She is passionate about offering practical solutions that increase profitability and sustainability for all farming businesses, no matter their size.
“We have the front seat to the exciting developments coming from the precision ag sector and it's important for us to validate and embrace them. As experts in these technologies, we are equally excited to make them accessible to our clients. Precision agronomy is the key to break through the ceiling that is productivity and profitability.”

Grace Barden - PRecision Agronomist

Grace grew up on farms in both Gilgandra, NSW and Kenya, East Africa. Her family continue to farm 60km South of Nairobi, growing chickpeas; mungbeans; and sorghum silage. While living in Kenya, Grace worked with an independent agronomist, working in several growing regions. Here she was able to appreciate the vastly varied climatic conditions within a country the size of NSW. Despite these diverse climatic conditions, Grace observed that precision agriculture had a positive impact wherever it had been implemented.

Grace studied Crop and Pasture Science at Murdoch University in Perth. Throughout her studies, Grace worked with GRDC in the Western Australian wheatbelt. These experiences highlighted the need for agronomic focused technology and encouraged her to pursue a role with Agree Decision Ag. Grace enjoys building relationships with clients and finding ways to boost profitability and efficiency.
“Considering the developments in agricultural practices over the past 50 years, the next 50 are going to be incredible. Precision Agriculture is the place to be if you want to increase your farm’s efficiency and see changes that are going to allow you to put more money and time into growing your business.”
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