Precision Viticulture Applications - Riverland SPAA Event Attended

December 3, 2016

Written by: Richard Sawyer

We attended a new event in the SPAA (Society of Precision Agriculture Australia) calendar for precision viticulture applications held in the Riverland this week. The turnout was encouraging with many people looking to learn how they can implement technology into their management practices for more informed decision making. Drones and crop imagery made up a considerable percentage of the day, the Emmetts Precision Ag. Solution team were able to demonstrate the simplistic capabilities and image capturing abilities of the drone they use for customer applications. Other demonstrations included smart phone apps and go pro data for yield predictions, 3D image capturing of vines to assess health, vigour and yield potentials and Greenseeker imagery for NDVI showing plant stress situations.


The speakers discussed the use of data and map imagery for yield, disease, watering and infrastructure applications, all helping to lead to more informed decisions and greater profitability.


The general theme for all of this technology across broadacre, horticulture and viticulture is that from a good base of soil type, elevation and soil testing a picture for the season can be built up with imagery and finally yield data to create accurate zones for crop management. This can be for irrigation planning or vine planting using water flow predictions, for nutrient applications based on testing poorer areas detected by imagery or disease monitoring through the season. However, all of these systems rely on ground inspections by the human eye, but by using the technology efficiently and effectively the decision as to where to look are more informed, therefore saving time in the field.


If you require more information or would like a demonstration on drones, imagery or the use of precision technology please contact Emmetts Precision AG team,