Matt started with Emmetts in late 2014, coming from the position of Field Agronomist with Bayer Crop Science, in their newly developed Wheat breeding program and the state of the art of plant breeding station located at Longerenong, Victoria.

Matt grew up on a family farm near Goroke in the  West Wimmera, Victoria, running a mix of dryland cropping and stock. In 1999 I started with the Department of Agriculture, as Technical Assistant / Officer at the Victorian Institute of Dryland Agriculture  with the canola breeding department. In late 2003 I moved away from the Wimmera, and over the next 6 years had various sales and management roles within and outside of the ag industry.  In 2010 Matt returned to Horsham joining AgriSearch Services within a research and development role, focusing on plant breeding, efficacy and animal health trials. In 2012 Matt accepted a role with Bayer, with the newly established Wheat Breeding Program, managing breeding trials across Australia, and assisting in the planning and construction of the state of the art Plant Breeding Station at Longerenong.

"People say the future of agriculture is going to be exciting, I think the industry has always been exciting.  To see how far plant breeding, machinery, agronomy and farming practices have come in a 100 years is inspiring.  To see the advancement in the last 10-15 years with the introduction of; gps systems, yield monitors, machine telematics, and cloud based services.  The next ten years should be phenomenal with iOT, quantum computers, robotics, drones, sensors that can be printed directly onto leaves, etc.  The future of data enabled agriculture and differential management is going to be astonishing! I am proud and excited to be at the forefront of this”