Geoprospectors Topsoil Mapper


Take the guesswork out of one of the most fundamental parts of your entire farming operation - your soil. The Geoprospectors topsoil mapper gives real-time analysis of soil structure and soil variance with application for site-specific agricultural management.

Non-invasive soil analysis
Once installed on any towing vehicle, the Topsoil Mapper measures conductivity autonomously. The recorded data is used to create maps that show soil parameters, compaction, soil type and water saturation.

Variable control of agricultural machinery in real time
As an alternative to recording data, soil information can be used to vary and control the machine process (tillage and sowing) in real time, combining two processes (recording and application) into a single step.

Using the readings from the Geoprospectors topsoil mapper, the creation of management maps is autonomous. These can be set for an array of different parameters to suit your goal.

The advantages of the Geoprospectors topsoil mapper:

·      ISOBUS-ready

·      Quick and flexible mounting on front weight / front hydraulics

·      Soil conserving and high work efficency through single pass operation

·      No soil disturbance required

·      Can be used with any hydraulic agricultural machine (retrofitting possible)

·      Light, handy, transportable (also as air freight)

·      Autonomous desktop software, export as ESRI data * .shp, * .shx, * .dbf, * .qpj compatible with common farm management software


In the age of data-driven farming, it is important to fully understand the environment in which we farm. With farms getting bigger and margins smaller, it is increasingly important for us to reduce excess inputs to further reduce wastage, particularly seed and fertilisers. After ground truthing these areas, we can identify differentiated areas that require zoned management. There are a multitude of uses for zoned management, whether this is fertiliser rates, plant varieties, increased accuracy in tillage depth, or understanding water content. We are only beginning to realise the potential of the power of the topsoil mapper.

Advantages of using a topsoil mapper:

·      Improved work rate for soil cultivation

·      Savings in fuel and machine wear and reduced maintenance costs per hectare

·      Continuous improvement of soil structure

·      Autonomous mapping of soil parameters: compaction, relative water content, soil type

·      Site-specific implementation of agricultural operations (soil tillage, sowing, fertilisation)