Real-time analysis of soil structure and soil variance with application for site-specific agricultural management.

By using the Topsoil Mapper, you can now, for the first time, record inhomogenity in the soil for a large area and comprehensively map soil parameters, such as soil type, water saturation, and compaction using electromagnetic induction. These soil parameters can then be used in real time for variable machine control.


Both the iMETOS 3.3 and iMETOS Eco D3 weather stations by Pessl Instruments are highly durable weather stations powered by a solar panel rechargeable battery. We offer a range of sensors to design the best soil moisture monitoring solution based on the characteristics of your soil, crops, irrigation systems, arrangement of terrain and field management. These include soil moisture probes, leaf canopy temperature sensors, insect detection instruments and disease prediction modelling.


The CropScan 3300H is a Near Infrared Transmission spectrometer that measures protein, oil and moisture in cereal grains and oil seeds in real time as they are stripped in a combine harvester. The CropScan 3300H measure grains as they are sampled off the clean grain elevator. A Touch Screen tablet PC, which is mounted inside the cabin, controls the system and displays the protein, oil and moisture data as a map layer. Data is collected every 7-12 seconds which is displayed on the Touch Screen PC showing bin averages, field averages and real-time protein maps. The program allows you to make fertiliser and grain marketing decisions with greater confidence.


Greentronics offer a range of farming solutions, including RiteYield: a yield monitor for vegetable harvesters. RiteYield technology makes it possible to install an affordable weighing system on nearly any harvester with a conveyor belt. To calculate yield data, the weight of the crop is measured as it passes over sensors in the conveyor. Yield data is combined with GPS data to create a complete yield map.


Emmetts and AGree are pleased to offer the range of DJI drones. Our range includes the popular Mavic and Phantom products, as well as the Agribotix Agrion P4. Designed around the Phantom 4 Pro, the Agrion comes equipped with a 20mp near-infrared (NIR) camera designed to capture superb field-level imagery, which is integrated with the included Agribotix FarmLens platform for processing.
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