We not only capture data, we understand it.

CropFlight Services are leaders in agricultural remote sensing imagery. With the use of multiple platforms, including UAV's, both multirotor and fixed wing, Manned Aircraft and Satellite Imagery, and multiple sensor options including Near Infra Red (NIR), Red, Green, Blue (RGB) and thermal we have a solution to fit your requirements.

Combine historical field data with imagery from CropFlight to develop important insights into individual field performance. Giving both historical and real time data for the use in management decisions, including variable rate seeding, nutrient and spray applications.

UAV Services

Emmetts CropFlight UAV's are used to collect true colour (RGB) and Colour Infrared imagery (CIR) at 3cm (or better) ground resolution, providing a detailed view of the field from above.

From a single flight over your paddocks we can now supply geo referenced RGB and NIR imagery, Field Health maps and Management Zone (shape file format) maps, ready for importation into your GIS software, for the generation of variable rate prescription maps and paddock zoning. All imagery and maps can be downloaded in .kmz format for overlay in Google Earth and in GeoTiff format that can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet for crop scouting purposes.

Speak to our CASA licenced Ag Drone Specialists about utilising drone technology on the farm.

Field Heath Assessment
Aerial Photography and Videography
Paddock Inspection
Weed Inspections
Irrigation Assessment
Pest Inspection
Hay Stack Inspection (w/Thermal)
Trial Mapping & Imagery
Storm Damage Assessment
Insurance estimation
Plant Stand Estimation
Yield Estimation
Management Zone & Prescription Map Creation



Expect Exceptional Quality and Actionable Results
Agricultural advisors around the world depend on the FarmLens™ NDVI Software Platform for monitoring crop health and supporting precision decisions in the field. Our integrated image processing and analytic service saves time: in about 10 minutes, you can upload hundreds of images from your drone flight and be freed up to attend to other concerns. No complex software, massive computing power, or costly upgrades required: the FarmLens cloud-based service is always up-to-date, doing the heavy lifting in the background.


The Agribotix FarmLens Digital Scouting Report combines whole field evaluations with field-specific weather data augmented with location-tagged photos and comments from scouts or agronomists. It accelerates the scouting process by allowing a scour to visit areas of the field at highest risk, no matter where they are in the field. The FarmLens Digital Scouting Report goes beyond basic aerial imaging data to create a solution-oriented tool for farmers and agronomists.


Agribotix is now integrated with the John Deere Operations Center. Results from the Agribotix FarmLens platform provide farmers comprehensive, actionable data to increase yields and reduce cost. These include data processing, analytics, NDVI Field Health Maps, and Variable Application Reports which can now be sent directly to a user’s John Deere Operations Center account.

The integration allows a user to push the Agribotix Digital Scouting Report directly into their Operations Center account. This report, the most intuitive and effective in the drone analytics market, combines whole-field evaluations with field-specific weather data and location-tagged photos and comments from consultants or agronomists.


Do you need the latest NDVI maps for your fields? For field scouting? For sampling? For variable rate nitrogen or fungicide? It is very likely waiting just one click away.

With more than 25 years of industry experience and clients in more than 50 countries, GEOSYS’ digital agricultural solutions use the latest advancements in agronomics, information technologies and satellite imagery to provide clients with data, analysis and insights they need to make more informed decisions.
GEOSYS uses nearly every available optical satellite at different resolutions and revisit frequencies, to cover the globe. This allows for crop analysis at different scales while increasing our images captured per field.

To deliver high quality information, GEOSYS standardises satellite data to calibrate for:

- Removal of clouds
- Different satellite sensor characteristics
- Acquisition at different times of the day
- Different angles of the sun at time of acquisition
- Different angles of acquisition from field to field
- Inconsistent atmospheric conditions

The result is a uniform NDVI map, that is delivered in editable shape file format, regardless of satellite source or date of acquisition. This unlocks the true value in this information, allowing importation into many farm software platforms, for multi layer analysis, management zoning and prescription map creation. Whether for sub-field fertiliser application or for comparing production potential in different zones of a field, we have a solution.

Enrol a field and you will receive every satellite-based NDVI map acquired during the growing season, or we can also supply historical imagery (up to the previous 10 years). Ask an AGree consultant on how satellite imagery can be utilised for you.
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