Modern equipment can collect valuable in-field operational data, including yield, application maps and elevation data, but are you using this data to it’s full potential, or is it collecting dust in a drawer? These maps can provide valuable insight into paddock history, performance, and provide information for the creation of management zones used in variable rate management. 

AGree offer a range of services and tools to assist in production data management, collection and analysis. This can range from advanced analytical services to provide historical Spatial Yield Trends and Yield Stability Maps for the use in prescription farming.

AGree offers multi-year field yield analysis and field temporal stability maps. These maps can be exported in a range of file formats that suit your platform of choice.

Here at AGree, the team value precision farming in all its forms over anything else. We have the capability to work with any machinery manufacturer and guidance provider to ensure you get the most out of your data to make more informed management decisions.