water management

If you don’t measure it, you cant manage it.

Effective water management is one of the key elements to successful agriculture, in abundance or short supply, both situations have their own degree of problems. No one knows your systems or your land better than you. AGree are able to offer water management services to help you make more informed decisions through accurate measuring systems.

Our basic elevation recording service allows us to model water run off and areas of pooling. This can be valuable for irrigation system planning, drainage decisions, variable irrigation maps and even frost mitigation measures. These maps have the capability of being uploaded into Terra Cutta software for integration into land levelling and earth moving machinery, this utilises GPS elevation and spatial data for cut and fill operations rather than laser levels. For more information please contact one of our consultants who will be happy to discuss the service with you.
Water Simulation with 3D Model using T3RRA Cutta
The development of moisture monitoring systems over the past few years has given rise to a multitude of systems. AGree believe that the key to the success of any system is in the installation and management through the growing season. AGree fully support iMetos Pessl weather station systems. Simplicity and access to information is key with the ability to utilise apps and mobile alerts. Our consultants will work with you to interpret the data for you to use in management decisions.
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