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Why create soil maps?

The Topsoil Mapper (TSM) is a unique sensor that can identify where different soil types occur within a paddock or property. Using electrical conductivity, the TSM picks up soil type, compaction, moisture content and salt content. By using a soil type map, we can understand where inputs will react differently across the paddock, giving rise to variable rate maps.

The following maps can be produced automatically with the TSM:

Electrical conductivity
Soil zones
Relative water content
Vertical horizon depth

Acquire data and generate maps quickly and at any time

The TSM can be installed on any towing vehicle and can record data during a conventional tillage. As the TSM functions contact-free, the crops will not be affected. Users can create soil maps from the data immediately afterwards.

Reduce the number of soil samples

TSM soil maps can simplify soil sampling and significantly reduce the work load compared to grid sampling.

Generate more accurate results

Figure 1 & 2 below are field zone maps that were created by measuring the conductivity (Fig. 1) and through grid samples (Fig. 2). It is noticeable that the map created with grid samples has a significantly coarser resolution. In this example, only 8 (marked in green) of the 40 grid fields would actually have homogeneous soils. All other zones (orange-red shades) would actually be mixed zones. The average values obtained in the grid would, of course, be less relevant for site-specific applications.

If you don't measure it, you cant manage it.

AGree is passionate about working with growers to plan for the future, utilising technology and research to enable growers to enhance overall profitability.

Soil Management

Soil analysis is the key to efficient management. Our consultancy services offer in depth spatial analysis and explanation of soil results enabling you as the customer to understand how to use the information to your best advantage. AGree can produce nutrient management plans from soil and crop constraints.

AGree offer DNA sampling for disease susceptibility using Predicta-B. Samples can be taken spatially for VR in furrow inoculants and nutrient applications.

AGree consultants help customers identify areas where issues are expected and work with farmers and their agronomists to plan a system of management strategies.

Want to Know More About The Top Soil Mapper?

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